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Literature-Based Research: Helpful Books

Need help with your literary research? This guide can help!

Reference Books

In Reference to. . .

Here are some series of books in our Reference section where you can find literary criticisms, author biographies, and other information. You cannot check out reference books, but remember that scanning is free in the library! You can scan any pages you need and save them to your flash drive, or email them to your BRCC webmail account.

Circulating Books

You can check these out!

This is just a small selection of what is available in the library. These are mostly anthologies including many different authors, which wouldn't show up in a catalog search of a particular author's name. Just remember, books like this may have what you're looking for; you'll just need to consult the index to find out! Also remember to look on the shelf near these books to find even more (hopefully) relevant titles.